Ben Mezrich Is Writing a Book About the NFT Craze

BitcoinBen Mezrich Is Writing a Book About the NFT...

Ben Mezrich is an author who wrote the book, “Bitcoin BTC Billionaires,” which talks about the rise of the Winklevoss Twins from their early days trying to develop what would eventually turn into Facebook to their adult lives as some of the biggest bitcoin bulls out there.

Ben Mezrich Is Writing a New NFT Book

Right now, the book is being adapted into a film and is in pre-production, meaning things are still being planned out and the project is in its earliest stages. Overall, Mezrich has seen many of his books adapted for the screen, and he acknowledged his position of power in a recent interview, commenting:

I’m in a situation right now where I can easily sell anything simply because I have so many things under production.

Now, Mezrich is working on a new book that will talk about the non-fungible token (NFT) craze. The novel will be fiction and detail the strife and troubles of an artist, a scammer, and a trader trying to get rich with NFTs. Interestingly, Mezrich has spent some time dealing with NFTs himself, having recently sold roughly 7,000 individual units of personalized (digital) art. At today’s prices, those tokens are worth nearly half a million dollars, and he gave about 2,000 other units away.

Anyone holding those tokens will receive screenplay royalties once his book is optioned into a movie or television program. He stated:

My goal is that the Ben Mezrich NFT project becomes a place where other authors are going to launch book-related projects, and the goal is eventually big-name authors and brand-new authors who maybe would not have had the chance to do something like this are going to be able to rather than just try to send a manuscript off to a publisher, to take the bones of a manuscript, show it to an NFT community, and launch an NFT drop around it. If people like it, you are essentially having the community fund your ability to write a book that the community then owns or buys. I don’t really see us as competing with publishers as much as Amazon Kindle.

Writing About Very Rich People

Mezrich is a graduate of Harvard and holds a degree in social studies, which he earned in 1991. He has mostly developed a writing career telling stories about billionaires or rich people that earned their keep through odd or interesting ways. In his interview, he said:

As an artist – and I sometimes consider myself an artist — as a writer, we see value in the works we create. The idea that that value can translate into something digital, truly digital that you still own, is neat, and so that was the first inkling of it. They were talking to me about it, but I wasn’t going to do anything about it.

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